The True Evil in Man of Steel.

After all the various comments about Man of Steel (many of which I feel were justified) I feel that I have to reveal the greatest evil – the fact that in Krypton’s colonial era, planets were colonized by using a world engine to xenoform a planet into an imitation of Krypton, thereby destroying all native life. Worse yet, the various pseudo-Kryptons were fundamentally unstable, given the fact that Zod’s forces couldn’t find a single surviving colony. (While Zod was a known liar, he would not have needed to use the world engine on Earth if there was a single surviving colony for him and his forces to rule. His actions only make sense if all of the Kryptonian colonies were dead.)
So what was the greatest evil in the movie. The world engine itself. Or to be more precise the evil that would consider such a machine a necessary part of interstellar colonization!
And that was the worst part of Man Of Steel. Traditionally the death of Krypton is portrayed as a tragedy. As it should be. But Man of Steel clearly implies that it was their own fault that Krypton was being destroyed.


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